JinBei casino and hotel promotion

                                   Kimbo entertainment city promotions

 Buy promotional chips and receive a complimentary gambling casino hotel room (including breakfast for one night)
               Buy promo code free room (1 night stay with breakfast) at Kimbo Casino
Sunday to Thursday / Sunday to Thursday
       Luxury - Promotional Chips $ 1,000 / Deluxe - Promotion Code $ 1,000
Friday to Saturday, public holidays / Fridays to Saturdays, holidays
       Luxury - Promotional chips $ 1,500 / Deluxe - Promotion code $ 1,500
              Terms and conditions
              Terms and conditions
v This promotion is open to registered users
This promotion is for registered guests only
v Promotional chips are non-refundable and do not charge any commissions
All promotional codes will not be honored and there is no commission
v The same table bet is not offset
Betting is not allowed on the same table
v Only one hotel room can be registered per registered client, subject to room availability
Only 1 room per qualifying guest can be registered, subject to availability
v The hotel room must be for registered customers only. Sales room is forbidden
Hotel rooms must be registered only for personal use, the prohibition of sale